Drake’s Take: New Releases 10.01.07

Drake takes on The Boss and a couple of other choice bits in this week’s new release roundup. (Funny, you’re the second person to tell me that their son loves The Pipettes). -ed.

This week’s release post is late, but really you already know it’s all about the Boss and his shadow. I’m not going to waste too much time here, but besides Springsteen, there’s new releases from We Are Wolves, The Sadies and Division Day. Also this week marks the US release of The Pipettes debut from last year.

Playlist: New Releases 10.02.07

Album: Bruce Springsteen – Magic

Bruce Springsteen - MagicWith indie rock bands musically referencing Bruce left and right (Arcade Fire, The Hold Steady, The Killers,) Springsteen’s resurgence only needed a strong album to hang it’s iconic hat on, and Magic only half-way achieves that need. There’s a strong album in there, but when I listen to Magic, I try to imagine Joe Henry or just about anyone producing this album besides Brendan O’Brien who shellacs and polishes all the endearing roughness out of Asbury Park’s finest. The E Street Band might as well have been studio musicians for how they’re captured here, as O’Brien focuses all his attention on Bruce’s voice. It works occasionally, like on the great “Livin’ in the Future,” but it’s otherwise hard to look past the all-too-shiny and orchestrated production here.

Free album stream from AOL
Download: “Radio Nowhere”

Album: We Are Wolves – Total Magique

We Are Wolves - Total MagiqueThis Montreal three-piece debuted at #1 in Canada with this album of electro-dance-punk, briefly knocking New Pornographers off the top. With the Looney now worth more than the US dollar, doesn’t that sort of make We Are Wolves a North American band to be reckoned with? Probably not, but in a ideal world Total Magique would put at least some sort of dent in the US charts. This time out, there’s less drum machines and more loud drums, which suits the band just fine (and they’re still rockin that distorted synth). The juxtoposition of themes of youthful innocence with somewhat sinister sound makes them Animal Collective’s less crazy, more techno-leaning cousin from the north, in that regard. Not bad company to keep.

Download: “Fight & Kiss” (Insound)

Album: The Pipettes – We Are the Pipettes

The Pipettes - We Are the PipettesThe fact that The Pipettes can ape Spector girl groups with such brash confidence makes this otherwise ‘fun’ release work well. The fact that two of the songs on the album (“Pull Shapes” and “You’re Kisses Are Wasted on Me,”) are in my son’s top 10 singles from 2006 list makes the album part of my happy home. Eventually though, like Lily Allen’s Alright, Still, he’s going to catch on to the lyrics and then I guess we’ll be in trouble.

More going (or already in) the Sansa
Mobius Band – Heaven (Free album stream from AOL)
Division Day – Bear Trap Island
The Sadies – New Seasons
Richard Hawley – Lady’s Bridge (Free album stream from AOL)
Carol Bui – Everyone Wore White
Sondre Lerche – Dan in Real Life Original Motion Pictures Soundtrack
Over the Rhine – Snow Angels
The Cult – Born into This
John Fogerty – Revival (Free album stream from AOL)
Bob Dylan – Dylan (Do we really need another Dylan comp?)

Most wanted missing from Rhapsody (but still freely streaming)
Most Serene Republic – Population
Chuck Prophet – Soap and Water