1. I have read too much about this group. People say it is wonderful, and it is a new way to present an truly spectacule where it is mixed the music, the actors and the enviroment that they have created. I know that if i watch this show I would be astonished… it is really very good.

  2. Yasmin martinez says:

    I would love to receive free tickets to this shows. IT looks exciting and different

  3. Francisca Noguera says:

    I would love to go to see the show, Im from Chile! and everybody talked about the show!

  4. Maureen Spagnolo says:

    I’m excited about the show! My daughter and I really want to see it! We live in DC – but it will be worth the trip! Thank you!

  5. june sutter says:

    The best things in life are free. What a wonderful concept. I would love to see the show. Thank you

  6. vanessa` says:

    I am an an off-broadway actress and would l;ove the oportunity to see this spectacular show that brings the audience and cast together.

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