FreshDirect Lowers Minimum Order to $30 for Residential Customers | Some New Codes

FreshDirect Lowers Minimum OrderWell, this is good news I suppose, FreshDirect has just lowered the minimum order for all DeliveryPass holders residential customers to $30 (corporate customers will still have to pay the old $50 minimum though). In other news, I have read some anecdotal reports that FD has raised their prices on various items quite substantially ($1.00-$2.00 in some cases). Personally, I can’t get over how expensive the apples are.

UPDATE: Because of some confusing wording on the FD site, I initially reported that this $30 offer was only available to DeliveryPass holders, but I just got an email from FreshDirect PR informing that I was in error, the new $30 minimum available to all residential customers (I guess they lost too many people when they went up to $50).

If you are a new DeliveryPass holder, you might want to give these codes a try. As always, your mileage may vary.

3rd order
PIZZA07 for mozzerella pizza
CHICKEN07 for rotisserie chicken

4th order
SALMONPLANK for salmon w/ pomegranate glaze
LIMESTEAK for lime & cumin skirt steak

5th order
FREEROSA for veggie enchiladas
TBSALMON for morrocan spiced salmon
Thanks commenter K


  1. NYCGirl says:

    Hey – another FD code for all those interested parties!

    DJ50A – $25 off of your first two orders. You need to complete the first order by 11/2 and the second by 11/16.

    I’m already an FD customer, so I hope some one else can use this one!

  2. fd freebie says:

    not only are the apples expensive, they are lousy. mushy and unsweet.

    why can’t they carry washington state apples?!

  3. cweed says:

    I have had no first-two-order codes work. Not the DJ50A above or TIMEWARNER07. I’ve written to find out what is available if anything.

  4. nyctoyou says:

    New York state apples are amazing–and I’m originally from the west coast! I much prefer a great, really apply-tasting, firm, crisp Long Island or upstate apple than those that come from Oregon, Washington state or New Zealand. I think the real FD problem is storage–often that’s where a good apple turns mushy and disgusting. That said, I have had some great (though expensive) Red Jacket farms apples from FD. But I’ve also had some over-stored, flacid apples. And the pears–so many mealy pears. And peaches.

  5. Julliana says:

    the codes aren’t working for me, darnit!

    thanks for posting.

  6. Jackie says:

    In order for the codes to work- you have to re-type the code and not simply copy and paste.

  7. ellen says:

    i typed in both the $25-off codes (TIMEWARNER07 and DJ50A) and they’re not working…

    neither is SHOPPINGLIST which is supposed to be 10% off your order when you create a shopping list and add to your cart from it.

    anyone with more ideas?


  8. Julliana says:

    the 10% off code expired 10/31

    I typed the codes and they still didn’t work.

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