The Pipettes, Nicole Atkins, Monster Bobby

The Pipettes at The Blender Theater (11/12/07)
The Pipettes
Photo: D. Caplan

I was kind of expecting a big deal out of The Pipettes, but to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by them, to say the least. They are certainly photogenic and their costumes matched nicely, but that’s pretty much as far as it goes. They’re singing and dancing was adequate and their songs were (reasonably) catchy, but I’m not sure I get what all the fuss is about. You may say that I am judging this all girl group too harshly, and you may be right about that.

The Pipettes
See the full Pipettes flickr set here.

Nicole Atkins at The Blender Theater (11/12/07)
Nicole Atkins

The crowd was definitely excited to see local favorite Nicole Atkins last night and her set, (comprised mostly of new songs and some songs off of her Bleeding Diamonds EP), was enthusiastically received by the hometown audience. My personal favorite was her cover of The Crystal Ship by The Doors, but the rest of her material was a little too broad for my liking. Yes, what does that mean indeed.

Monster Bobby at The Blender Theater (11/12/07)
Monster Bobby

I wish I would have known Monster Bobby (Robert Barry) was going on first last night, because if I had, I would have shown up an hour later to the show. I found his one to two minute songs odd and unecessary, but not completely awful. Monster Bobby is best known for being the “creator” of The Pipettes.

Monster Bobby is most well known as being guitarist for The Cassettes, The Pipettes’ all-male backing band. He is frequently credited by The Pipettes both with developing the idea of a modern girl group, and with introducing the members of The Pipettes to one another. [wikipedia]

The Pipettes setlist after the jump.

Pipettes Setlist