Ra Ra Riot at Union Hall

Ra Ra Riot at Union Hall (12/01/07)
Ra Ra Riot @ Union Hall
Photo: atnrydel

Just across the bridge, Ra Ra Riot took over the basement room at Union Hall and the sold out Park Slope crowd couldn’t have been happier. Let me tell you this straight out, obviously I haven’t seen every band in this city, far from it, but in my humble opinion, “Ra Ra Riot is the best unsigned band in New York” (and yes, I know they are from Syracuse). Apparently, some of the label folks are pretty keen on RRR too, as there were at least half a dozen A&R types lurking around the show on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I have no pics from this show, because I couldn’t get close enough to the stage to take any, that’s just how crazy it was down there. Would have loved to have been able to catch ATJF alums Jukebox The Ghost open up as well, but I missed them on my way back from the Bowery.

Hopefully PopTartsSuckToasted and The Underrated Blog will post some pics up this week from their all Ra Ra Riot/Jukebox weekend soon. Until then, you can check out some more Ra Ra Riot from their recent Daytrotter session.

UPDATE: atnrydel now has some pics from show on flickr.

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  1. Pat says:

    Alas my camera broke after the Hold Steady show on Thankssgiving eve so no pics from me! And I missed out on the Union Hall show due to exhaustion but DC was certainly fun!!!

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