Showtime’s This American Life Season 1 Available for Video Download

While I’m on the subject of iTunes, I also noticed (much to my surprise) that season 1 of This American Life is available for (pay) download via the iTunes store and amazon unbox. If you’re as TV starved as I am right now, this could be just what the doctor ordered (according to Netflix, the DVD release date is unknown).

Oh yeah, and if you can’t get enough of Ira Glass, you can find a good interview with him on Jesse Thorn‘s excellent show, The Sound of Young America (though Ira comes across as a bit of a dick if you ask me).

This American Life

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  1. Jesse Thorn says:

    thanks for linking the interview… Ira is the furthest thing from a dick. He has really particular ideas about how to make TAL, but that’s why the show’s been so succesful.

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