Lucinda Black Bear, Lovely Sparrows and Laura Marling at UH Tonight

Lucinda Black Bear
Brooklyn's Lucinda Black Bear

Very strong looking lineup at UH tonight:
8:15 PM Laura Marling
9:15 PM The Lovely Sparrows
10:15 PM Melomane
11:15 PM Lucinda Black Bear

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Meredith Ochs called Capo My Heart and Other Bear Songs one of the most innovative records of 2007 on NPR’s All Songs Considered 2007 Year in Review show:

“They’re led by Christian Gibbs, an incredibly talented guy. He’s put this band together with the unlikeliest combination. He has this soaring falsetto. Then he’s got this string section. The drummer is this hard-hitting drummer. So you have the strings, this guy singing a high, soaring falsetto and the strings. He’s got this great sense of humor and it just works.” — Meredith Ochs []

Watch the video for “You Got It Blue” by LBB after the jump.

Lucinda Black Bear