UCBComedy.com Launches


New York (and LA) comedy institution The Upright Citizens Brigade, has just launched a new video sharing site aptly named, UCBComedy.com. From the looks of it, the site will compete with the likes of SuperDeluxe.com, FunnyOrDie.com, MySpace, YouTube and countless other clones. (I realize this post sounds a bit cynical but I do love UCB and sincerely wish them the best of luck).

We’ve got the funniest sketches, series, music videos, live performances, pranks, and f’ed up found footage that the Upright Citizens Brigade community has to offer. What’s more, we’re rolling fresh videos out every day with a new original short every week. Our first original is “Shirts and Skins” featuring Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, Sean Conroy, and Joe Nunez, with new originals every Tuesday. Every other day will feature new videos from groups all over the UCB community. Subscribe to the site or bookmark UCBcomedy.com and check in every day!