Practice Space Is Expensive in NYC

The Archies

The whole part of this article that focuses on Manhattan seemed a little irrelevant to me. No shit it’s expensive here, that’s why all the noise is being made in Brooklyn now!

In a study being released Wednesday, NYC Performing Arts Spaces surveyed more than 300 musicians and concluded that lack of affordable rehearsal space had become a serious problem for the 15,000 professional instrumentalists and singers in New York City. The group’s director, Eugenie C. Cowan, estimated that there are another 15,000 amateur musicians in the city who also need rehearsal space.

The study identified another problem for musicians: finding affordable and suitable places to perform. Based on the survey, NYC Performing Arts Spaces concluded that unless the city arranged tax incentives similar to those it offers for film and television production, there would be fewer places for musicians to appear. Ms. Cowan said there could also be fewer musicians, because performers might move to places where rehearsing and playing in public are less costly. []