32GB iPod Touch and 16GB iPhone Announced Today

iPod Touch and iPhone
Finally, the puny storage of the iPod Touch is updated with something approaching desirable. Now all they need to do is bring the price down.

Apple Inc. launched a 16-gigabyte iPhone and a 32-gigabyte iPod Touch Tuesday, doubling the maximum memory previously available in each device. [Wall Street Journal]

The iPhone is now available with 8GB (at $399US) or 16GB (at $499US) of storage. The iPod touch is now available in three models; 8GB ($299US), 16GB($399US) and 32GB($499US). Note that the 16GB iPhone and the 32GB iPod touch are both $499, while there’s a one hundred dollar difference between the 16GB iPhone and the 16GB iPod model. [TUAW]