Upstairs at The Square with Camphor and Anne Enright


I was just listening to NPR’s Second Stage podcast today and I came across a band called Camphor that I thought sounded pretty interesting. Much to my delight, it just so happens that Camphor is scheduled to play this month’s Upstairs at The Square event at Barnes & Noble Union Square along with author Anne Enright (who I guess is also a fan). In addition to being from Rye, NY Camphor has a new album coming out on March 18, 2008 called Drawn To Dust (Friendly Fire). Anne Enright’s most recent book, The Gathering, won the prestigious Man Booker Prize in 2007.

Download: Camphor – The Sweetest Tooth (mp3)
Download: Camphor – Confidences Shattered (mp3)

Camphor - Drawn To DustAnne Enright - The Gathering