Rutlemania: The Rutles The Fab Four Come to New York

The Rutles 30th Anniversary Reunion
The Rutles
Obviously, thanks in large part to the success of my previous post, The Rutles The Fab Four (a Beatles tribute band featuring none of the original Rutles) are making their way to NYC for a four night residency at the Blender Theater on March 26-29. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, 03/11/08 at 10:00 AM.

UPDATE: As the commenter below correctly pointed out, this concert WILL NOT FEATURE ANY OF THE ORIGINAL RUTLES. Up until today, it was being advertised as a Rutles concert on and only this morning was that information changed to show The Fab Four as the featured performers, not The Rutles. If I were you, I’d ask for my money back.


  1. Rutle says:

    this is not the Rutles. This is a Beatles Tribute band called The fab Four doing a tribute concert of the Rutles. Although presented by Eric Idle (one of the originators of The Rutles tv show), this live concert features NONE of the original Rutles performing.

  2. Fake Rutle says:

    What a rip! Thanks to these posts, I was able to get a refund. Thanks for the info—if I had shown up and found this out at showtime, I would have gone off!

  3. You tools. There ARE no ‘real’ Rutles. They’re fictitious characters, to be played by whoever has the proper legal right. What did you do when you went to see ‘A Quantum Of Solace’ – demand a refund because it was Daniel Craig and not Sean Connery? As for the original musicians who played on The Rutles’ soundtrack LP, one of them is dead, so how’d you expect them to produce HIM? Dopes. “Grrr, I was gonna go see a fake band till I found out they were fakes!”

    1. bumpershine says:

      Yes, but the marketing of this show was very ambiguous, it wasn’t apparent who would be playing The Rutles from any of the advance advertising. So people expected (including me) that it would be the actors from the film (at least the surviving ones). While you have a point about The Rutles not being a “real band”, I think if you advertised a Spinal Tap show and me and my friends showed up instead of McKean, Guest and Shearer the audience would revolt.

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