Le Loup and Ruby Suns Played Union Hall

New Zealand’s The Ruby Suns and Washington, DC’s Le Loup both made their Union Hall debuts on Monday night to a packed house at Park Slope’s favorite music emporium.

The Ruby Suns at Union Hall (03/24/08)
The Ruby Suns

I was pretty excited about seeing the Ruby Suns because, 1) they’re from New Zealand, and 2) I’d been hearing a lot of good word of mouth about them lately (along with some bloggy buzz too). They’ve got a novel set up with two girls on the keyboards/electronics and an upright drummer/percusionist who also plays guitar and bass sometimes. If I’m being honest, I’d say liked them, but I didn’t love them. Some of the songs were a little too electronic for my tastes, but they were definitely worth seeing.

Le Loup at Union Hall (03/24/08)
Le Loup

It was my second time seeing Le Loup and they were great once again. They’re a band that just has fantastic energy on stage and they’ve also got great songs. With the next record release, they’ll surely be headlining rooms like the Bowery Ballroom and the Music Hall of Williamsburg, who knows it may even happen before then.

Because the room was so packed and my camera is less than awesome, I did not get great pics last night. Bryan, on the other hand, snapped some badass pics with his new wide angle zoom lens. You can see those over here.