David Krakauer, Fred Wesley and Socalled at The Apollo ($5 Off Promo Code)

The “Socalled” Movie Trailer feat. Socalled, Fred Wesley and David Krakauer

Josh Dolgin, aka Socalled, is a Canadian rapper and producer known for his eclectic mix of hip hop, klezmer and other styles, for example drum & bass and other types of folk music. A pianist and accordion player, he has taught the latter at Klezfest London, where he has also run workshops in “hiphopkele”. He has played with clarinetist David Krakauer’s Klezmer Madness!, and has also worked with artists such as rapper C-Rayz Walz, Chilly Gonzales, funk trombonist Fred Wesley and Sophie Solomon.

Dolgin’s Socalled collective and guests recently celebrated the Jewish Festival of Lights with the seasonal concert “Hip Hop Hanukkah”. He will be the principle subject of The “Socalled” Movie, an upcoming documentary by Garry Beitel for the National Film Board of Canada, which will also feature Krakauer and Wesley. This will feature footage of the “first Klezmer Cruise”, in which a boatload of klezmer fans sailed down the Dneiper River in the Ukraine. [wikipedia]

Montreal’s Socalled is playing a rare NYC show (one of only 2 scheduled US dates) on May 3 at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem with none other than David Krakauer and Fred Wesley. Tickets are on sale now and you can use promo code REMIX for $5 off your purchase.

More Socalled tour dates after the jump.


Socalled 2008 Tour Dates
03 May 2008 The Apollo Theatre, with Abraham Inc. New York, Harlem (buy tickets, use promo code REMIX)
08 May 2008 LA TULIPE, avec Gonzales et Le Together Ensemble Montreal, PQ
17 May 2008 Montreal Chamber Festival with Bell Orchestre Montreal, PQ
21 May 2008 Telephone Rouje- Sherbrooke, PQ
22 May 2008 Bar Le Rafiot Val d’Or, PQ
23 May 2008 La Légion Rouyn-Nouranda, PQ
24 May 2008 Bistro La Maîtresse La Sarre, PQ
13 Jun 2008 Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac Tadoussac, PQ
14 Jun 2008 Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac Tadoussac, PQ
19 Jun 2008 Idea City Toronto, ON
16 Jul 2008 Yiddish Book Center Amherst, MA
18 Jul 2008 Dundas Square – free outdoor show with BIG BAND Toronto, ON
25 Jul 2008 Calgary Folk Festival Calgary, AB
26 Jul 2008 Calgary Folk Festival Calgary, AB
17 Aug 2008 Quebec City -400 anniversary celebration Quebec, PQ