Weeds Season Premiere Tonight | Vol. 3 Soundtrack CD Giveaway

Weeds and Diary of a Call Girl

Tonight is the season premiere of the popular Showtime comedy Weeds, starring Mary Louise Parker, Kevin Nealon, Romany Malco and Elizabeth Perkins. Though Weeds started off with the semi-plausible storyline of a widowed suburban housewife turning to drug dealing to make ends meet, that simple story arc more or less came to an end at the end season 1 and the show, while still enjoyable, has become more absurd and implausible as the years have progressed. The music, however, has remained spot on and impressive throughout the duration of the series with episodes last season featuring indie favorites such as Man Man, Great Lake Swimmers, and Beirut (just to name a few). The new Weeds: Music From The Series Vol. 3 is set to hit the shelves on July 8, but I’m giving away two copies of that impressive compilation to two readers who correctly answer the following skill testing question. Judah Botwin, the late husband of the Mary Loiuse Parker‘s character on Weeds (Nancy Botwin), was played by the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, (who is also MLP’s real life ex-fiancee). Name another prime time TV show where the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan also (quite dramatically) died (there may be one than right answer here, and I will accept anything that you can you back up). Send your answers to contests@bumpershine.com and please include your name and mailing address.

Weeds: Music From The Sereies Vol. 3 track list after the jump.

Weeds: Music From The Sereies Vol. 3

1. Little Boxes (Randy Newman)
2. Chariot (Page France)
3. Buttmachine (That 1 Guy)
4. Scenic World (Beirut)
5. Girl Anachronism (The Dresden Dolls)
6. You F**cked Up (Ween)
7. Walk In The Park (Oh No! Oh My!)
8. Nosebleed (Illinois)
9. Your Rocky Spine (Great Lake Swimmers)
10. The Earth Keeps Turning On (Mr. Smolin)
11. Just Like The Superdome (Kevin Nealon)
12. Keep Sake (State Radio)
13. Let’s Drive Away (Eleni Mandell)