Sara Schaefer’s One Sara Show Is Tonight

Sara Schaefer’s One Sara Show
Sara Schaefer's One Sara Show
Photo: Anya Garrett

What: Sara Schaefer’s One Sara Show
When: Tuesday, June 17
Where: Ars Nova Theatre

In her new show, “Sara Schaefer’s One Sara Show”, comedian Sara Schaefer attempts the impossible. To stage a solo show all about herself while simultaneously proving she’s not a self-absorbed bitch. With the help of a hipstery rock band (Meowskers), some friends (Tamra Malaga, Dan McCoy, and Dan Winckler), and a whole lot of glitzy multi-media pyrotechnics (i.e. VHS home movies and clipart), it’s way more than a solo performance – it’s a goddamn miracle.

Purchase tickets here or call the Ars Nova Theatre at (212) 868-4444 to order by phone. Use the discount code SSFAN to get a free drink at the show!

Directed by Jon Friedman
Tamra Malaga, Dan McCoy
Live Video by Dan Winckler