The 2008 Polaris Music Prize Short List

The 2008 Polaris Music Prize Short List
Black MountainIn The Future
Basia BulatOh, My Darling
Kathleen EdwardsAsking For Flowers
Holy FuckLP
Plants and AnimalsParc Avenue
ShadThe Old Prince
StarsIn Our Bedroom After The War
Two Hours TrafficLittle Jabs
The WeakerthansReunion Tour

Very interesting… No New Pornographers, no The Acorn, no Tegan and Sara, no Destroyer, and no Islands. The Bumpershine jury was 50% right, not bad for a first try I guess.


  1. sarah says:

    interesting indeed. im pretty thrilled to see black mountain, caribou, and holy fuck on there– though i’m pretty riled on behalf of my acorns.

  2. bill p says:

    For this Bumpershine “jurymember” I was just picking things I liked not things I thought would win. *That* list woulda matched exactly.

  3. bumpershine says:

    As coincidence would have it, my “will win” picks (not posted here) were also 100% accurate.

  4. drake says:

    I got four out of my top five, surprisingly enough. I’m only pulling for Plants and Animals, though…. nothing else in the field this year really holds my interest.

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