Radiohead, Coldplay Vinyl Reissues | Best of Radiohead 4LP Giveaway

Radiohead - OK Computer Coldplay - Parachutes

Just when you thought the record companies had exhausted every avenue to get you to hand over more of your hard earned cash for an album you already own, they pull you back in. Capitol/EMI has just announced a string of audiophile quality vinyl reissues from Coldplay, Radiohead, The Steve Miller Band and A Perfect Circle (who?). Read more about the reissues below:

On August 19, Capitol/EMI will launch a high quality vinyl campaign in the U.S. with the release of eight classic titles “From The Capitol Vaults,” all of which were previously out-of-print on vinyl. Six of the newly remastered, limited edition albums are presented on 180-gram LPs, while two albums initially released as double 10″ 140-gram LPs will be reissued in their original configuration. All of the “From The Capitol Vaults” vinyl packages feature carefully replicated artwork and packaging true to their original single or gatefold jacket LP releases.

“FROM THE CAPITOL VAULTS” [artist / title (configuration)]
Coldplay / Parachutes (1 LP, printed sleeve)
Coldplay / A Rush Of Blood To The Head (1 LP, printed sleeve)
Radiohead / OK Computer (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, color labels, printed sleeves)
Radiohead / Kid A (2 10″ 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)
Radiohead / Hail To The Thief (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves)
Radiohead / Amnesiac (2 10″ 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)
Steve Miller Band / Greatest Hits 1974-78 (1 LP, printed sleeve, color label)
A Perfect Circle / Mer de Noms (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, satin stock, diecut white sleeves)

Because I couldn’t really make an announcement like this without giving something away, I am in fact, giving something away. One lucky person who emails me at and tells me what their favorite Radiohead record is and why will receive a copy of the Best of Radiohead 4LP Box Set (Vinyl Edition). Please include your name and mailing address with your entry.


  1. Den says:

    I bought the radiohead 4LP box set from Hot Topic online. The first record was slightly misshapen and you could actually feel a bump on the edge of it. It skipped in 2 places on the first song (Just) So I took it to a Hot Topic store in the mall here and exchanged it for another sealed copy. Got it home and believe it or not it has the exact same flaw and even skips in the exact 2 same places.

    Anyone else had a problem like this? I’ve got a brand new turntable and all my other records play fine.

    I don’t want to keep exchanging but I want one that plays properly. This has to be a pressing defect for two copies to have the identical flaw.

  2. Paul says:

    I bought Coldplay’s X&Y on 2 180g LP’s. I can’t believe how bad the wow and flutter is. I thought it was my turntable, but it turns out the LP (the second one) is just “off”. I don’t know much about vinyl, but it doesn’t take a aficionado of vinyl to tell that the pitch is all over the place. I can’t believe I paid 25 bucks for this hunk of junk; I should’ve just illegally downloaded it. Just to get my money back, I think I AM gonna go do that.

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