Museums on Us Again (but a little lamer)

Museums On Us

Bank of America has been running the “Museums On Us” promotion for a few years now, but this year they’ve changed it. Whereas in the past, a BofA credit card or debit card entitled you to free admission at a bunch of different museums for an entire month of the summer, this year it gets you free admission to an ever shrinking list of NYC museums and institutions (19 in 2006, 9 in 2007, 6 in 2008) for the first weekend of every month. I don’t know, but to me there is something about this year’s promotion that seems a bit less appealing. Anyway, seeing as how next weekend would be the first weekend of August, you could take advantage of this year’s offer at the following locations in New York City:

The Metropolitan Museum
The Jewish Museum
New York Hall of Science
International Center of Photography
Bronx Zoo
New York Aquarium