Steve Nieve and Maybe at Joe’s Pub

Steve Nieve and Maybe

I just noticed this show in the latest email blast from Joe’s Pub and as some of you may know, I’m a big Elvis Costello fan, so this new project from Steve peaked my interest.

Steve Nieve and Maybe
7:30 PM – August 08, 2008
Buy Tickets $25.00

Steve Nieve participates to the birth of a new band “Maybe“. A band conceived in Paris France by Jokka and Vic. Jokka (drummer) composes the music and gives his energy of rock and metal. Vic, vocals – composes the lyrics and provides the romantic french touch, a fusion that might be called Romantic Metal. Steve Nieve will introduce some new titles of his own and then he will introduce “MAYBE” – VIC vocals – JOKKA drums- SETH guitar- NIEVE keyboards.

It’s the same night as 88 BoaDrum though, so that might be a problem.