Littlefield: A New Performance + Art Space in Gowanus

Littlefield (Brooklyn, NY)
Little Field NYC

Like we mentioned a while ago, in addition to The Bell House, a second unnamed music venue was also busy being readied for a fall opening in Gowanus, Brooklyn (the up and coming neighborhood between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens). That venue now has a name, Littlefield, and an opening date, November 2008. Here’s the (entire) press release:

A littlefield sprouts in the Gowanus

littlefield is a new performance and art space opening this November in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood nestled between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Housed in an old, 6200-square foot warehouse, littlefield will merge the Gowanus’ industrial past with an organic, eco-friendly future. Green elements include a land-scaped interior courtyard, sound walls formed from recycled rubber tires, and a bar constructed of salvaged bowling alley lanes.

Coupled with an industrial/green aesthetic will be a state-of-the-art sound system designed for live music, film screenings, and art installations. The main system will be based around the latest 3-way loudspeaker arrays by EAW, powered by QSC amplifiers, and digitally controlled via networked Rane processors. The talent buyers will use the sound system’s flexibility to book various events, with live music being littlefield’s most prominent feature. To further maximize sound and still maintain an intimate setting, a moveable partition is designed to separate the main performance space from the bar/courtyard. When the partition is fully closed, the performance space can accommodate up to 200 people while the bar/courtyard can hold up to 100. For larger performances, the partition can be moved to one side and the warehouse can accommodate up to 300 people.

Heading the talent buying will be Maria Porcaro, who is most notably associated with concert promoters I.M.P., producers of the Virgin Mobile Festival U.S., one of the greenest and socially responsible festivals for the past 3 years. Maria is an integral part of artist liaison and operations for this event, which is attended by over 60,000 people. littlefield will also showcase special events including all-ages shows organized by Justin Carl and Nghia Nguyen of FRICTION NYC, who have curated and highlighted the City’s independent music scene, touring acts, and DJs since September 2005.

littlefield’s owners, Julie Kim and Scott Koshnoodi, hope this collection of talent buyers in conjunction with their vision of opening up a diverse performance art space will serve as a beacon for the Gowanus as development begins to rejuvenate the neighborhood. littlefield is located at 622 Degraw Street between 3rd and 4th Avenue.

Blueprint of the club and some Blair Witch style promo videos after the jump.

Littlefield promo video 1
Littlefield promo video 2
Littlefield promo video 3 (w/ Reggie Watts)



  1. Marc says:

    Rejuvenate the neighborhood? You mean gentrify, do you not? How about keeping the area under the radar instead of selling out to the highest bidder.

    1. bumpershine says:

      Littlefield is actually a surprisingly low key club.

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