Juliana Hatfield Has A New Album and Book | Playing The Bowery, Housing Works

Juliana Hatfield - How To Walk Away Juliana Hatfield - When I Grow Up

I really wanted to say a little more about Juliana Hatfield after the my last post about Hayden, so uh, here I go. Juliana Hatfield has a new album which came out last month entitled, How To Walk Away and also she’s got a new memoir coming out on September 22 called When I Grow Up. (One wonders what she has to say about the oft-gossiped on subject of maintaining her virginity until her mid-twenties.) Anywho, she’s on the road right now promoting the new record and Friday (September 12) she’s headlining the main stage at the Bowery Ballroom with one of my favourite Canucks, Paul Hayden Desser. Next month, on October 23 she’ll be playing the Housing Works Bookstore and no doubt, plugging her new book as well.

Juliana recently shared a few thoughts on touring with the NY Times:

“You find yourself approaching middle age, playing another scuzzy rock club, trying to hold onto your dignity, but the toilet is overflowed, and the place stinks of stale beer,” she said with a laugh. “I still have all the faith and love for my music and yet I’m still playing places for kids.” [NYTimes.com]

She also told the Times a little bit about her new book, her label and future career plans:

“She took a year off from making music and wrote a book about what you do when you’re not a rock star anymore,” Mr. Nelson added. “The irony is she then recorded probably the best album of her career.”

For her part, Ms. Hatfield wants her book to reach other troubled young women. “I hope some shy, insecure, anorexic girls out there see they’re not freaks,” she said.

As the owner and sole employee of her own label, Ye Olde Records, Ms. Hatfield handles every step of releasing her music, from choosing album art to mailing out the CDs. “I don’t have anything to prove anymore,” she said. “I don’t have a record deal, no one has any expectations, I’m in a position of freedom. I don’t need anyone’s approval.”

“After this book and this record I have no plan,” she added. “It’s kind of scary but it feels good.” [NYTimes.com]

More Juliana Hatfield tour dates after the jump.

Juliana Hatfield 2008 Tour Dates
September 12 New York City Bowery Ballroom
September 14 Boston, MA Brattle Theater
September 23 Seattle, WA The Triple Door
September 24 Portland, OR Aladdin
September 25 San Francisco, CA Café Du Nord
September 27 Los Angeles, CA Largo
October 10 London, England Queen Elizabeth Hall
October 23 New York City Housing Works Bookstore Café