Minitek Starts Friday | Richie Hawtin and Many Others

The Minitek Festival
Minitek Festival

Hey, I’m not really big on electronic music myself, but I just read an article about Jenny Tan and Daniele Laudonio (The Minitek Festival Founders) in the NY Times and I figured they could use the plug. (Plus, festival headliner Richie Hawtin is Canadian, and I love posting about Canadians.) The Minitek festival takes place this weekend (September 12 – 14) at Coney Island (during the day) and the Penn Plaza Pavillion (at night).

The D.J. lineup is impressive: more than 40 from around the world, including superstars like the Canadian innovator Richie Hawtin; M.A.N.D.Y., the Berlin duo; and the indie favorite Matthew Dear. It is an ambitious undertaking, offering not only music but also new technology, art installations and workshops in hopes of attracting a broader audience. Considering that its founders, Jenny Tan and Daniele Laudonio, are not professional event organizers, it may be something of a stretch.

Mr. Hawtin, who is booked as the final act on the Coney Island stage on Sunday, was clear-eyed about the challenge: “We’re not talking about Spain or Germany or Italy, when you can put out a flier and get 10,000 people,” he said. “For this event to be successful, they need for sure the ground-level support of all the electronica fans in Manhattan “” and the U.S. in a way. It’s a big leap.” [NY Times]

Check out the festival website for more information.