Goodbye PSNYC, Hello Stories In High Fidelity, Now Let’s Party

The Product Shop Is Now Closed

Satellite radio host, bibliophile, Bruce Springsteen aficionado, and former king of the NY music blogosphere, Jason Gordon, announced yesterday that the venerable ProductShopNYC will be permanently closing up “shop” on October 1, 2008. Have no fear though, JG isn’t leaving us for good, he’ll be back on that very same day with an exciting new site called “Stories In High Fidelity” (adapted from the name of his favorite Nick Hornby novel). Here’s how he describes his new venture:

Now, the very exciting news. On October 1st, I am launching a brand new, all music website called STORIES IN HIGH FIDELITY. The website will be a place for bands, record stores, labels and writers to share their stories, tour diaries, memories and so much more. An easy way to think of the website is a Huffington Post of music. We’ve already gotten agreements from a ton of major and indie acts to contribute to the website, and we really hope that some of you readers will want to write for us as well. If you are interested in writing or interning for the site, please email us here.

To launch STORIES IN HIGH FIDELITY, we will be throwing a pre-CMJ launch party extravaganza at the HighLine Ballroom in New York City on October 20th. The evening will feature stories from Chuck Klosterman, Dan Kennedy, Rob Sheffield and Marc Spitz, as well as a live performance from Jaymay.

Good luck amigo! We look forward to keeping track of Senator Barack Obama at your new digs (I’m kidding, I’m kidding, the new site sounds awesome).