Jonny Leather’s Birthday Benefit Bash at Union Hall w/ Motel Motel, The Go Station and More

Jonny Leather's Birthday Party

Mr. Jonathan Leather (if that is his real name) is throwing a little birthday party at Union Hall on Saturday night (October 4) with Motel Motel, The Go Station, Intermissions (ex Bling Kong), and Tropic of Nelson. Though it is a party (and I was told there would be cake), the proceeds from the show will go towards the Jiamani Scholarship Fund, which provides educational resources for Tanzanian children, so your $10 is going to a good cause.


  1. Hold on says:

    Is this the idiot that was robbed at some venue in Bushwick and was too chicken shit to do anything about it? He watched theives steal from others and didn’t say a word. Glad to see he is sticking to more safe neighborhoods nowadays.

  2. bumpershine says:

    Yes, there was an incident at the Ridgewood Temple that he was raked over the coals for on BV, but I don’t think it happened quite as you’ve described it. Jonny is a good guy.

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