Fatsmiles: A Transatlantic Comedy Show

Fatsmiles at Joe's Pub

FatSmiles is a new comedy show produced by Olivia Wingate Artists featuring
“…the best in UK and US standup and video comedy with live music. Each night will be unique event, with a new host and comedy collaborations, along with screening of new videos from acclaimed and emerging artists from around the world.” The next show is on December 4th, 2008 and here’s what the lineup looks like so far:

Kumail Nanjiani
Robin Ince
Hannibal Buress
Eugene Mirman
Nick Kroll

and more”¦

Thursday, December 4th 11:30pm
Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette Street
New York, NY

PS As far as I can tell, this show hasn’t exactly been happening on a regular monthly basis (at least in New York), though it has been going on since at least June or August of 2008 at various different venues.