Happy Chanukah From Erran Baron Cohen

Erran Baron Cohen – Songs In The Key of Chanukah
Erran Baron Cohen - Songs In The Key of Chanukah
DOWNLOAD: Dreidel (mp3)
VIDEO: Driedel (wmv)

Erran Baron Cohen, the man who brought you the Borat Original Soundtrack (and brother of Sacha), has just come out with Songs In The Key of Chanukah, the coolest Chanukah record you’ll probably ever own. Unlike all Christmas music compilations, this album which combines klezmer, reggae, electronica, hip hop, tango, and pop actually doesn’t suck. Also, unlike Christmas music, you’re chances of accidentally hearing this album at the GAP are pretty slim, so if you want to hear to it, I suggest you go out and buy it now. In all seriousness though, it’s the perfect gift from your cool New York uncle, but move fast, you’ve only got another 7 shopping nights before Chanukah is over.

Tracklisting after the jump.

Songs In The Key Of Hanukkah Tracklisting:
1. Hanukkah oh Hanukkah
2. Dreidel
3. Ocho Kandelikas (8 Candles)
4. Spin it Up
5. Look to the Light
6. Rock Of Ages
7. Relics of Love and Light
8. A La Luz De La Vela (In The Light of the Candle)
9. My Hanukkah (Keep the Fire Alive)
10. Ma’oz Tzur