Happy New Year!

Hey, I still got my SpongeBob, so maybe 2009 is gonna be alright after all.

SpongeBob SqaurePants

On a more genuine note, a big thanks to my regular contributors Jon Klemm, Tim Griffin and the pseudonymous Drake LeLane, my occasional contributors Robert James and David Winkfield, all my After The Jump buddies, my friends in the press and at venues far and wide, and last but not least, a big shout out to my regular readers: Pat, Matt & Mike, Bill, Abbey, Dave and Sarah, without all of you, there would probably be less run on sentences like this. In all seriousness though, 2008 was a huge year for Bumpershine and hopefully 2009 will be even better, like I’ve said before I know there are plenty of places to waste your time during working hours, and I truly appreciate everyone who stops by here to check out my ramblings, and maybe even offers up a comment or two. All the best in 2009 people, keep on Shining!

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  1. sarah says:

    happy new year!

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