Futurity: A New Musical by The Lisps

Futurity by The Lisps

Brooklyn’s favorite quirky alt-folk revivalists, The Lisps, have gone and penned themselves a new musical, it’s called Futurity and it premieres this weekend (Jan 9-10) at The Zipper Theater in Manhattan (buy tickets). Here’s a little bit more about the show:

FUTURITY tells the story of Julian Munro, a lowly foot soldier in the American Civil War with an overactive imagination and a dream to be a famous writer. Through the double narrative of Julian’s wartime experience ripping up Confederate railroads in southwestern Virginia, and the grimly futuristic novel he writes along the way, the musical weaves an ominous and bizarre tale of destruction, creation, and utopianism. The protagonist of Julian’s novel, The Inventor, devises an omnipotent steam-powered artificial intelligence that he sees as a panacea for all of humanity’s woes. The story is largely narrated by Ada Lovelace, the famous mathematician and Julian’s imaginary muse. The music in FUTURITY draws inspiration from every corner of traditional Americana and contemporary indie-rock to paint a quintessentially American scene of war, antiquity, technological hubris, and outmoded conceptions of futurity.