Taking Woodstock Gets A Release Date

Taking Woodstock

Taking Woodstock, Ang Lee‘s new film starring Demetri Martin will be released in selected US markets on August 14, 2009. In the mean time, Demetri has a couple of big (and expensive) shows lined up at the Bowery Ballroom on February 19 and at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on February 20. (Given the high ticket price, and Demetri’s propensity to play at clubs all over town for almost nothing, I was a little surprised to see that both of these are already sold out.)

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  1. Quick note from the publisher of TAKING WOODSTOCK – the psychedelic image at the top of this article is the “hidden” inside cover of our hardcover edition (it was published with a reversible jacket flap, which is very groovy). Since Square One will then publish a movie “tie in” paperback edition of TAKING WOODSTOCK this May, folks should buy the special hardcover copy of this book while it’s still around . . . might be a collector’s item at some point.

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