Unsigned Band “The Boxer Rebellion” Makes iTunes Album Top Ten

Unsigned London band The Boxer Rebellion released their sophomore record, Union, through iTunes on Tuesday, January 13th.

The Boxer Rebellion

24-hours later the band and their fans have officially entered the iTunes US and UK Top 10 Albums Charts. They are also enjoying the No. 2 position in the iTunes US Alternative Chart (behind My Morning Jacket) and No. 3 in the iTunes UK Alternative Chart (behind Kings of Leon and MGMT). The Boxer Rebellion are expected to announce the release of a suped-up fan-friendly set of physical albums later in the year as well as a North American tour.

I dunno, I hadn’t heard this record or this band before today, but this seems like a pretty big deal to me. Could they be the next CYHSY-like sensation?

Link To EXITS album:

Link To UNION album