2008 ECNY Awards Winners

John Mulaney at the ECNY Awards @ Comix (03/09/09)
John Mulaney
Photo: Keith Huang

The 2008 ECNY awards basically happened a lifetime ago (in Internet time), but I was out town that day, and I figured it was about time that I gave these folks their due. Check out the list of winners below (via The Apiary).

2008 ECNY Awards Winners
Best Female Standup Comedian: Michelle Collins
Best Host: Leo Allen
Best Improv Group: Mother
Best Male Standup Comedian: Kumail Nanjiani
Best Musical Comedy Act (Solo or Group): Reggie Watts
Best One Person Show: Kumail Nanjiani’s “Unpronounceable”
Best Short Comedic Film: Sara Benincasa & Diana Saez
Best Sketch Comedy Group: Derrick
Best Technician: Pat Baer
Best Variety Show: The Rejection Show
Emerging Comic Award: Lennon Parham
Outstanding Achievement in Flyer or Postcard Design: Anya Garrett — Jar Full of Roaches (Show)
Best Website: UCBComedy.com
Best Performance in a Commercial or Episode of Law and Order: Matt McCarthy — Verizon FIOS
Lifetime Achievement Award — The Writing Staff of Late Night with Conan O’Brien

More photos over here.