Zach Galifianakis In NY Times, Visioneers Screening at 92Y Tribeca, The Hangover Opening This Weekend

The Hangover
The Hangover

Comedian Zach Galifinakis is enjoying a little bit of a moment in the sun right now. He has a major motion picture opening this weekend called The Hangover which looks pretty funny and also features the comedic talents of Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Matt Walsh, Rob Riggle, Jeffrey Tambor and Mike Tyson, just to name a few. It’s directed by Todd Phillips (who also helmed the much loved Old School) and after watching the trailer, I have to say, I want to go see this movie in the theaters. On a much smaller scale, another film which Zach starred in called Visioneers is screening this Wednesday, June 3 at the 92Y Tribeca (Buy Tickets). I’m not really sure about the status of the theatrical release of Visioneers, so this may be one of the only times you’ll be able to catch it on the big screen, (on a side note, it looks like Visioneers will be released on DVD on July 21, 2009). Finally, and perhaps most impressively, Zach was the subject of a nice profile by John Wray (author of Lowboy) in this weekend’s New York Times, it was a long and interesting article that I can’t really summarize here, so I recommend that you read the whole thing. But, since quotes is what I do, here’s an excerpt from the piece:

One of the people who appreciated it was Kanye West, who saw Galifianakis perform at a Hollywood club called Largo in 2007. “I was doing a bit about how much I hate celebrity egos, and that seemed to resonate with him, for some reason,” said Galifianakis, with a barely perceptible grin. “He asked me to do a video for him, and I said yes, with one condition: I just go off by myself and shoot it, and he doesn’t get to look at it until it’s done.” To everyone’s surprise, West agreed. The resulting video, in which Galifianakis and the indie-folk icon Will Oldham drive a tractor around a cornfield while lip-synching West’s hit single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” has been viewed nearly half a million times. “I wasn’t sure what Kanye would think of it, to be honest,” Galifianakis said. “But his response was perfect, considering how we’d first met. He said it was the best video he’d ever made.” []

The latest episode of Zach’s “Between Two Ferns” and a couple of trailers for “The Hangover” after the jump.

Between Two Ferns

The Hangover Trailer C

The Hangover Red Band Trailer

More trailers for The Hangover here.

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