Cave Singers and Lightning Dust Releasing New Albums and Touring Together

Lightning Dust - Infinite Light Cave Singers - Welcome Joy
Lightning Dust – “I Knew” (mp3) Cave Singers – “Beach House” (mp3)

Seattle’s The Cave Singers and Vancouver’s Lightning Dust are both releasing new albums in August and planning a joint North American tour in the fall (sources say it will happen in September and October of 2009, but no dates have been announced yet). Though they are on different labels, it’s not a complete surprise that these two bands are hitting the road together since The Cave Singers have often appeared as openers for Black Mountain (the main project from which Lightning Dust side project was spawn) and both Amber Webber (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust) and Ashley Webber (Lightning Dust) contributed to the new Cave Singers album. (Intrepid readers may also remember that I first caught these two bands on a bill together in Vancouver way back in August of 2007.) The new Lighting Dust album entitled Infinite Light comes out on August 4 on Jagjaguwar and the new Cave Singers album entitled Welcome Joy comes out on August 18 on Matador Records. Look for a tour announcement soon.

Infinite Light and Welcome Joy track listings after the jump.

Infinite Light Track Listing
Antonia Jane
I Knew
The Times
Never Seen
Honest Man
Waiting On The Sun To Rise
Wondering What Everyone Knows
Take It Home

Welcome Joy Track Listing
Summer Light
At the Cut
Hen of the Woods
Beach House
I Don’t Mind