Get Ready For Cougar Town!

An actual “fake” Cougar Town “For Sale” sign in Park Slope, Brooklyn
Cougar Town

The above photo was really the whole point of this post, but I while I’m giving Cougar Town some free PR, I thought I would quote from the disparaging wire story I’ve ever read:

To sum up: This is a one-note premise, with a lead character no one could want to spend five minutes with, based on a passing fad. That the show — which bows Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. — also echoes at least one other new show on the fall schedule, the less middling “Accidentally on Purpose” on CBS, doesn’t help its case.

“Cougar” is a mess of a place no one would want to visit, even for a half-hour. With a little luck, though, it’ll have a short shelf life — and give [Dan] Byrd a chance for a better job. []