Rosanne Cash Vinyl Giveaway, “The List” World Premiere at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Rosanne Cash – The List
Rosanne Cash - The List

Rosanne Cash‘s new album The List comes out this Tuesday (October 6) and it features versions of 12 classic songs selected from a list of essential country tunes given to her by her father, Johnny Cash, in 1973.

On Tuesday, you’re releasing your 14th album, “The List,” a stirring leap into the past whose title refers to an actual list of 100 mostly country songs compiled by your father, Johnny Cash, in 1973 in an effort to expand your teenage taste in music beyond the Beatles.
He realized that I lacked something essential about my own musical genealogy, and he made this list for me. He said, “This is a template for excellence.” He would play the songs for me on his guitar, and I sought out the records in the years afterward.

Did you have a good relationship with him?
It’s hard to be close to a drug addict when they’re active. He was erratic and withdrawn. But when I was 17, he said, Come with me, and I left the day after I graduated high school, went on the road with him. It was wonderful. He was clean and sober by that time. That’s when he wrote the list for me, on the bus.

My favorite song on the album is “Heartaches by the Number,” which you perform with Elvis Costello. You also sing duets with Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Tweedy and Rufus Wainwright. Don’t you know any female performers?
I did ask Neko Case, and she sang with me on a song that’s just on iTunes. We have “Satisfied Mind.” []

The List is currently streaming in its entirety on NPR music (for one more day at least), and you can listen to it over here. If you like what you hear, then send an email with your name and address (US residents only please) to for a chance to win a copy of The List on vinyl. A random winner will be selected and notified on October 12, 2009. But wait, there’s one more thing… New Yorkers get to watch Rosanne perform The List at the opening of the 30th Anniversary Season of St. Ann’s Warehouse by on October 9th and 10th. Tickets are currently on sale, visit for more information.

Video for “I’m Movin’ On”, The List track list and some more Rosanne Cash tour dates after the jump.

Upcoming Rosanne Cash Appearances
10/05/09 Fresh Air with Terry Gross
10/06/09 The Today Show
10/07/09 Late Night with David Letterman
10/09/09 St Ann’s Warehouse (World Premiere of The List)
10/10/09 St Ann’s Warehouse (World Premiere of The List)
10/21/09 Boston, MA Cahners Theater, Museum of Science
10/30/09 New York, NY, Barnes & Noble (Lincoln Triangle)
02/10/10 Iowa City, IA The Englert Theatre, University of Iowa
04/15/10 Durham, NC Page Auditorium, Duke University

Rosanne Cash – The List Track List
1. Miss The Mississippi And You 3:12
2. Motherless Children 3:06
3. Sea Of Heartbreak (Feat. Bruce Springsteen) 3:06
4. Take These Chains From My Heart 3:31
5. I’m Movin’ On 3:44
6. Heartaches By The Number (Feat. Elvis Costello) 3:19
7. 500 Miles 3:04
8. Long Black Veil (Feat. Jeff Tweedy) Rosanne Cash Featuring Jeff Tweedy 3:10
9. She’s Got You 3:06
10. Girl From The North Country 3:33
11. Silver Wings (Feat. Rufus Wainwright) 3:42
12. Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow 3:34


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