Two Gap Casting Call Finalists Revealed?

I’m pretty sure that disclosing you are a finalist in advance of the big reveal date (Dec 7, 2009) is verboten, but according to the comments on my massive Gap Casting Call post, these two kids are among the 20 finalists in this year’s Gap Casting Call.

Gavin Elliana
Gavin Elliana

Now of course, I have nothing to independently back up this information, other than the comments here and my own Google searches, so take this information for what you will. In case you were wondering if you could still be a finalist, if you haven’t heard by now, your chances are probably a little slim as all the top 20 finalists must attend a Gap photo shoot during the week of November 16, 2009. The finalists will be “officially” announced on December 7, 2009 at .


  1. Jennifer W. says:

    Two very adorable choices! Great photos! Congratulations to them both! Will be looking for them to vote on…:)

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wasn’t there a third? Maybe I’m dreaming. I just emailed disney…I’ll let you know if they respond. Nice choices for finalists…18 more to be notified!

    1. bumpershine says:

      There was another kid whose father said that he was a finalist, but that post went up in September, so I discounted it.

  3. d.orchid says:

    Y’know it is likely that the dad wrote drafted a blog post in september and then added that his kid was a finalist to the same post in november (after he heard from gap) and hit the publish button and that would explain the september date on that post..just a theory

    but these two kids are gorgeous!

  4. sylvia says:

    the little boy is cute, but the girl is GORGEOUS!! total cutie pie! I posted a link on my FB of a little boy who seems to be a finalist, idk if its the same kid you’re talking about Mr. Bumpershine.

    1. beautiful says:

      I never waste my time with Gap Casting CAll because they always choose a particular look blue eyes blonde hair, the reason why they chose couple of minority kids is because it was around the time the president was elected. GAp should really start changing their way of advertising for their store and now I refuse to shop there because I never see a minority kid really.So please its sad that how they show what type of store they are .

  5. sylvia says:

    The links he has on his site is wrong, but this is the little boy:

    1. bumpershine says:

      Sylvia, that’s not the kid I was talking about, this is the other one I found.

  6. mom599 says:

    Hi,That is my daughter you have pictured up there=)
    Yes I was told I could tell..however I didn’t realize so many people would find
    I don’t think it is forbidden to tell since I specifically asked since I didnt want to break any rules.
    I guess you really never know how big the www is.
    We would apreciate your vote when the time comes!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Whatever do you all think about the ones getting the fan favorite votes? Do you seriously think someone knows enough people to get up to 400K votes??

    1. Jyduesler says:

      There is no way possible do the math!!!! there is no way!
      to many people don’t want to take the time to register!

      1. Jyduesler says:

        But will support the finalist cuz they are cute as hell!congrats mom599

  8. sherron says:

    Cute kids! congrads! And yea one for Calie!!!

  9. ayesha says:

    i wanted to know how would i know if one of my boys are in the finalist group i see two kids revealed already ,if you like you can take a look at them.they can be found under asolomon26 and thank’s please comment back

    1. bumpershine says:

      I have no idea who the rest of the finalists are, but I’m fairly certain they have all been notified already.

  10. Wendy says:

    Oh man.. I guess neither of my kids made it:( Anyway, I definitely think people cheated with the fan favorite votes somehow! There’s no way anyone could get over 400,000 votes (unless they got their entire county or state to vote)! The girl with the most votes wasn’t even that cute either, lol.. sorry 🙂

  11. maria otto says:

    I have 2 grandkids in this contest. How can I tell how many votes the got? How in the world did some kids get thousands of votes????

    Nice contest though. You should have a yearly contest of this kind but be specific on your voting rules. 400K votes?? where did they come from?? another country??

  12. Jeanni C says:

    It would appear that (according to a computer guy) that the families used a web script in order to achieve the votes. In my book, this is cheating, but in Gap’s eyes and legalise, it will probably get through. Therefore, Gap has lost all my respect if these people win and you will not find my kids in any gap clothing! Cheating is cheting, no matter how you do it.

  13. MiaCL says:

    Jeanni C… I sent an email over and over again to the admins for the contest and I got nothing but a generic message back. I completely agree with you. I looked over the contestants that could have a reasonable amount of votes given the timespan and a reasonable amount of people who legitimately registered and voted and they did not have a chance compared to the cheaters. So sad..

  14. Marie says:

    I agree that cheating is cheating and I will feel weird about buying from the Gap if I see that those kids who had insane amounts of votes win. Further, I might feel like every time I see a GAP logo on a t-shirt or sweatshirt it will read as CHEAT to me….or SUCKERS for being dumb enough to accept some kind of cheating and thinking it won’t affect their PR, or consumer’s image of them.

    As for the kids that Gavin is a cutie, and by now the other finalists are out so is Angelo, but I was one of those parents who wrote and called to complain, and my son looks an awful lot like both of those boys. I wonder if they wanted that look, but didn’t want to deal with anyone who had enough moxy to send complaint emails about all that website problem nonsense. I know it sounds like sour grapes, so what. Now I think this contest could be improved by showing the full profiles of the winners. I’m curious to see all the pic’s submitted by the finalists, for ideas for next time, and also just plain comparison. Also just to see cute kids. All complaining aside, a cute kid is a cute kid, lifts your spirits and warms your heart. I wish these cuties luck.

  15. bumpershine says:

    You can see all of the finalists over here now.

  16. Granfre says:

    Have too agree; she 100% correct, had to some cheating in order to be able to get all those votes. Funny Isay that
    I have their credit card, may is time I give it up.
    Just be fair to all those cuttie kids.

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