Black Friday Deal Alert! The Beatles Box Set on Sale for $99.99 at

If you’re going to buy one thing this Black Friday (Nov 27, 2009), it might as well be this…

The Beatles Remastered (Stereo) Box Set
The Beatles Remastered (Stereo) Box Set

Today, from 2PM-3PM EST (11AM -12PM PST), The Beatles Remastered (Stereo) Box Set will be on sale at for a very reasonable $99.99 (that’s like $6.19 a disc).

Also, in case you forgot, I’m giving a Beatles Holiday Poster over here.


  1. spikenyc says:

    Where do they list it for $99.99? It is listed for $177. Do I have to wait until 2pm?

    1. bumpershine says:

      Yes, it’s a “Lightning Deal” from 2PM-3PM EST only. You can see it as an “upcoming deal” if you scroll through here (if the link works).

      1. Penny says:

        There are plenty of Beatles box sets, though. Amazon doesn’t indicate (at least pre-sale) which box set it is.

        1. bumpershine says:

          For that price, I can’t imagine it is anything but the stereo box.

          1. Penny says:

            It was it… but they must’ve only offered one, as it was “claimed” in a nanosecond. Bummer.

  2. cookiefive says:

    they sold in 4 minutes. enough time to buy one if you logged on right at 1pm CST. got one for my pops!

  3. Jennifer White says:

    They are nowhere to be found now!!!! Anybody with a suggestion on where to find this before Christmas???

    1. bumpershine says:

      Amazon is not sold out, price is back up to $175.49 though.

  4. MichaelR says:

    Bummer I’ve missed this.

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