ARC Holiday Record + CD Sale Coming Up

ARC Holiday Record + CD Sale 2009
ARC Holiday Record + CD Sale 2009

ARC Holiday Record + CD Sale 2009

Twice a year the ARChive weeds through the permanent collection and pulls our third copies of recordings to sell. We also contact all of the record companies and supporters who send their latest releases. The result is a massive record sale of incredible items, and you’re invited!

December 12 – 20, 2009

Everyday from 11am – 6pm, 54 White St, New York, NY

Remember you can join the ARChive and attend our pre-sale party on Thursday evening, DEC 10. Only $50 to join and support the ARC. So click below or give us a call at 212-226-6967 for details!

More info about the sale after the jump.

We sold EVERYTHING at our last sale, so this year 100% of the sale items are new stock!

As always — lotsa good stuff, New CDs, ol’ LPs, cassettes, posters, books, video More Good LPs, in great condition, than EVER BEFORE – world, pop, punk, jazz

To be expected — great things at great prices

Boxes and boxes and boxes of LPs for a buck per LP!

The BEST LPs, many in near perfect condition!

Never before offerd Jazz, World and Rock LPs. Classic LPs in great condition.

Boxes of DVD movies and even some Laserdiscs

More singles than ever before

As always Broadway cast and film soundtrack LPs.

Over 15,000 recordings for sale — sealed, mint, used, rare, new, whatever

PLUS the AstroTurf yardsale featuring great 50s retro kitchenware and the ‘le Chic’ collection of lounge singer dresses and streetware

The sale is a cash only event. Most of the recordings for sale are pop & rock. And don’t forget, CDs are NEW donations from record companies, NOT used, returns or defects.

All new cassettes: $1.00 (12 for $10)
Most LPs: $1 – $3
Collectible LPs: prices below book value
Hundreds of CDs at $1 & $2 each
Most new CDs at $4.
Just released NEW & HOT CDs are $5 – $10.
New this year Classical LPs $1 each
older, hanging around Classical LPs are 50¢ each

54 White Street, ground floor
Three blocks south of Canal, between Church and Broadway

Traveling by Subway?
Take the 1 to Franklin Street,
the A, C, or E to Canal & Church,
or the J, M, N, R, Z, or 6 to Canal & Lafayette.
By the way…
We offer gift certificates to shop at the ARC – for that very special vynle-ite in your life!

ARC items for sale

All prices include postage in the USA
“Volume One”
Punk/new-wave discography
200 pages, paperback, OP
signed, with original postcard announcement

ARC 45 adapter jewelry and pins
45 adapter pin – $10
45 adapter earrings – $15
45 adapter cuff links – $15
45 adapternecklass – $15
baseball cap (white or black) w/ 45 adapter – $15

This fine jewelry created by longtime ARC friend, Pam Meyer, for Alchemy

All items must be pre-paid. No returns, so be really sure you really, really want it!