Drake’s Take: New Releases 12.01.09

This week Drake gets lo-fi and local with the latest from New Jersey’s Real Estate and Seattle’s Friday Mile. -ed.

Drake’s Take: New Releases 12.01.09

This week, since there’s little to celebrate this week in new releases, I thought I’d look at a couple recent releases that either slipped through the cracks (Real Estate) or didn’t get a traditional release date (Friday Mile).

Playlist: New Releases 12.01.09

Real Estate – Real Estate
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Real Estate - Real EstateWhen one thinks of New Jersey and rock bands, inevitably the names Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi come up. The Garden State’s Real Estate have little to do with that legacy, but a certain band from Hoboken does come to mind in hearing their laid back collage of pop sounds. Their self-titled debut starts out with a Byrds-like vibe and ride that jangly reverb and delay for the length of the release. The sixties-vibe could get droll if not for the occasional left-turns to keep you interested. It’s a fine debut that begs to see just which exit this band takes next.

Friday Mile – Good Luck Studio [iTunes]
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Friday Mile - Good Luck StudioMy neighborhood of Ballard is no Brooklyn as far as bands go, but it seems like something is happening here. There’s the alt-country sound of The Maldives, the self-proclaimed King of Ballard rapper Grynch, and the boy-girl sweet pop of Friday Mile (who feature their own self-proclaimed Mayor of Ballard in drummer Chad Clibborn). Without sounding derivative, Friday Mile most closely resembles The Swell Season, and not just because of the boy/girl harmonies from songwriter/guitarist Jace Krause and keyboardist Hannah Williams. Good Luck Studio, their first full length on a label (Timber Carnival Records), leads off with the Cold War Kids-like “Handle It” and ends with a wink to The Beatles with “Even I.” In between, aside from a minor lull in the middle, the album hits the target on its aim to satisfy the listener’s sweet tooth. Highlights include the infectious “Lives of Strangers,” the R.E.M.ish “FYI and the mysterious “Westerfield.”

Disclaimer: Friday Mile are friends and neighbors of mine. Since I usually refrain from writing about the near and dear in this space, that should say something.

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