Launches Tonight

Bob Dylan – “Little Drummer Boy”
Bob Dylan - Little Drummer Boy

With three of the four major labels on board (Warner Bros is the only hold out), is angling to be the new “go to” place for music video on the web. The YouTube hosted site is launching tonight (Dec 8) and they are having a splashy launch party at the Skylight Studios in Tribeca as I type this. Their Twitter and TweetPhoto feed reveals the following celebrity attendees: Pete Wentz, Bono, Asher Roth, John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Man, Justin Bieber is there! Maybe I should have crashed this party after all.

The site will come online in the United States and Canada on Tuesday evening.

“It will be a higher-quality experience around music and videos than anything else that’s currently out there,” Rio Caraeff, Vevo’s chief executive, said in an interview. Mr. Caraeff said the site would host 30,000 music videos by the end of the year. To underscore the exclusive nature of the Web site, Vevo will also carry original programs by artists for their fans.

The company, which was announced last spring, is similar in some ways to Hulu, the Web site for viewing television owned by a group of TV networks. Vevo will syndicate videos to an array of sites “” including YouTube “” and promote as a destination of its own.

“Vevo will work to restore the premium luster around music video inventory,” Mr. Caraeff said. []

Though the site isn’t officially live yet, some content has already been slipped on to YouTube; use this custom search to see all the currently active Vevo channels. (In other news, the new video for Bob Dylan‘s “Little Drummer Boy” is now available on Vevo.)