(Basically) Free NBA Tickets (Nets, Knicks & More!)

NBA Cares: Nothing But Nets
NBA Cares

UPDATE: So it kind of looks like these tickets are part of the “NBA Cares: Nothing But Nets” campaign, wherein you donate $10 towards the purchase of mosquito nets in Africa and you receive two complimentary tickets to an NBA game. All of these links were publicly available (Google is a powerful thing), but should some of you feel guilty about getting the prize without paying the cost of admission, you can make a donation to the “Nothing But Nets” campaign over here.

UPDATE 2: I had a little bit of a crisis of conscience over this post, it didn’t seem right to me to deny Africans badly needed mosquito netting so I could offer (almost) free basketball tickets to strangers seeking deals over the Internet. You may still, however, enjoy free NJ Nets tickets as part of the LG offer, which is unrelated to the NBA’s “Nothing But Nets” campaign.

New Jersey Nets
Various Dates, Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ

As the title of this post suggests, because of the service charges, these tickets are not 100% free, but it works out to less than $2.00 $7.20 for two seats, which is still a pretty good deal.