A SWEET Haiti Benefit w/ Seth Herzog, Donald Glover, Abby Elliott and Colin Quinn

Seth Herzog at The Bell House (09/25/08)
Seth Herzog at The Bell House
Photo: Tim Griffin (more)

Tonight (Tues, Jan 19), Seth Herzog‘s weekly comedy show SWEET (at the Slipper Room in NYC) is donating the door proceeds to Haitian earthquake relief. While not as splashy as some of the other benefits around, it’s a solid comedy lineup.

Greeting Sweet stuff,
I’m making this week’s Sweet show a benefit for Haitian Earthquake relief. I know how bad it is there, on a normal basis, but then take out what little infrastructure they have and there’s nothing left. So I’m donating this week’s door to the fund relief efforts to help people that hurt, dying or just need something to eat. I know we wish we could all fly down on a plane filled with bagels and finger sandwiches and throw them out one by one. But you can’t. So this what we can do, and then go back to talking about Conan and Jay and the Super Bowl (Go Jets)

Hosted by your favorite comedian
SETH HERZOG (VH1, “Role Models”, “Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon”)

Joining me on this special night:
COLIN QUINN (Stand up Legend, SNL from ’95 to ’00)
DONALD GLOVER (Troy on NBC’s “Community”)
ABBY ELLIOTT & JULLIAN BEL (SNL performer and writer)

As well as other surprise guests

Plus another mind bending performance from MY MOM