The Slipper Room is Closing, “Sweet” Needs A New Home

Seth Herzog doing Flashdance at Sweet
Seth Herzog at Sweet

As The Apiary put it, “the last of the great Manhattan alt stand up rooms” is closing its doors. With the shuttering of The Slipper Room, Seth Herzog‘s weekly comedy show “Sweet” is also soon to be homeless. Here’s an excerpt from this week’s Sweet show announcement:

Hey there my Sweets, So Yes, the time has come. The Slipper Room is closing the first week of June. But not for good, they are tearing down the building and rebuilding it with the Slipper Room on the second floor. However that is going to take about a year (if it gets done at all). SO these are the LAST Five shows at the old Slipper Room (before I find a new home). So come down to Sweet and we can discuss the almost terror attack that happened on Saturday. In the Pathfinder, he had unexplosive fertilizer, M-88’s, and kid’s clocks (I have all those things in my apt too. weird I know). But we can all discuss where we were on “Five-One” at Sweet this week.

So that’s it folks, only 5 4 more Sweets at The Slipper Room, so go check one out while you still can. The next and 4th last Sweet will take place on Tuesday, May 11, 2010. On a related side note, Michael Musto, Seth Herzog and his Mom will also be appearing at Comix on Thursday, May 20 pm as part of the Stand Up. Lie Down show with Dr. Lisa Levy.

View the full Seth Herzog/Flashdance video after the jump.