UCB Sketchfest Starts Tomorrow

SketchfestNYC (June 10-12, 2010)
Sketchfest 2010

The Sixth Annual SketchfestNYC starts tomorrow (June 10) and runs through Saturday at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. This year’s lineup doesn’t pop out at me so much like it has in year’s past, but maybe that’s just because I’m not as up on my sketch comedy troupes as I should be. TSOYA favorites Elephant Larry will be there, as will the Harvard Sailing Team, and veteran comedy writer Tom Davis is also stopping by (presumably to promote his book). Tickets to most shows are $10, a full festival pass is $90 and a day pass is $40. Nate at The Apiary, who knows a lot more about this than me, has been running some good preview coverage.

The Funniest Sketch Groups in NYC Perform Over Three Nights

SketchfestNYC returns to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for three days, June 10-12. Now in its sixth year, SketchfestNYC showcases the best sketch comedy from all over the world!

Groups and acts scheduled to perform include:

Tom Davis (Saturday Night Live)
Harvard Sailing Team
Pangea 3000
Elephant Larry
& many more!

SketchFestNYC 2010
Thursday, June 10th from 7pm to 11pm
Friday, June 11th from 7pm to Midnight
Saturday, June 12th from 7pm to Midnight

full schedule and ticket info >>