3 Days of Music on 5th Ave in Park Slope

Park Slope Fifth Avenue Music Festival
Park Slope Fifth Avenue Music Festival

Sort of hard to figure out what this three day music “festival” is all about, but it looks like it’s going to be part of Make Music NY in some way or another. I can’t really find a schedule of acts at either of the official websites, but there is some information here about what’s going on Monday, June 21 in Park Slope. In related news, Sunday, June 20, is the annual 7th Heaven (aka 7th Avenue Street Fair), which usually has a little bit of music as well.

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  1. joe maynard says:

    Our band, Maynard and the Musties, played last night in front of Bierkraft, 200 5th Ave, and will again tonight (Sunday, Fathers Day the 20th) from 6-9pm. It was a funny sensation walking into the place asking if we could plug our gear into their shop. They had no idea this was going on. But they were quite nice and accommodating. The thought occurred to me that it was some sort of hoax, as I couldn’t see other bands performing, and what with the store manager not knowing it was happening either, but the organizer assured me people were playing every 2 blocks from 18th St down to Dean. Wound up being quite fun. Looking forward to doing it again tonight.

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