Drake’s Take: New Releases 09.07.10

Just in time for this Tuesday’s new releases, here’s last week’s Drake’s Take! (I was on vacation last week, that’s why you’re seeing this post a little behind schedule.)

Drake’s Take: New Releases 09.07.10

It’s the week before Super Tuesday, and it’s mostly quiet, aside from the latest from Interpol and The Thermals, that is.

Playlist: New Releases 09.07.10

Interpol – Interpol
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Interpol - InterpolInterpol sees the band back with their first label Matador, and in many respects, back to the sound of their gold standard setting debut, Turn on the Bright Lights. Their last two releases (Antics, Our Love To Admire) saw the band slipping in quality, so it’s good that they’ve at least somewhat reversed the trend. The album is a bit too uneven to be considered a return to glory, but perhaps the lineup change (Carlos Dengler left the band after the album’s recording and David Pajo has since taken his place) will light a fire under the band.

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The Thermals – Personal Life
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The Thermals - Personal LifeOnce upon a time The Thermals were bubbling with punk-inspired energy, their first few release brimming with piss & vinegar. That changed with last year’s Now We Can See, which saw the band move in a more melodic direction, losing some of the spunk we’d gotten used to. Personal Life continues the ‘maturation’ trend to it’s fault, somewhat. “I Don’t Believe You,” though, is a great fucking song, which, along with the opening track and “Never Listen to Me” make up for some of the lulls spread throughout the release.

More on the radar (and in the mp3 player) this week:
Jukebox the Ghost – Everything Under the Sun / Free AOL Album Stream / “Empire” [mp3]
Fabienne Delsol – On My Mind
The Acorn – No Ghost / Free AOL Album Stream
Winter Gloves – All Red EP
Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 2
Sam Prekop – Dream Attic
The SteelDrivers – Reckless / Free AOL Album Stream
Unicycle Loves You – Mirror, Mirror / “Mirror, Mirror” [mp3]
Helmet – Seeing Eye Dog
The Intelligence – Males / “Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like” [mp3]