Drake’s Take: New Release 04.05.11

Revisiting Bill Callahan’s Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle as I post Drake‘s latest “Take”. If you’re unfamiliar with Smog’s former frontman, you can check out Ben Ratliff’s flattering piece in this past Sunday’s NYTimes.

Drake’s Take: New Release 04.05.11

While there’s plenty to see here, most are looking to next week’s crop, and with good reason thanks to TV on the Radio and Panda Bear. This week’s crop features Bill Callahan, Maritime, Ray Davies, Robbie Robertson, Alela Diane, The Kills, Glasvegas, Cold Cave and special reissues from Rush and the 20th anniversary of Material Issue‘s energetic debut, International Pop Overthrow.

Playlist: New Releases 04.05.11

Bill Callahan – Apocalypse
Stream / Purchase [mp3]
Bill Callahan - ApocalypseApocalypse is Bill Callahan‘s third album since shedding the Smog moniker, and another step in the artist’s maturation process. While not as accessible as 2009’s Sometimes I Wish I Were an Eagle, the latest sees Callahan mixing in both a political yet personal slant along with some of the experimentation of mid-era Smog, for a concoction that new, yet still so very Callahan.

Maritime – Human Hearts
Stream / Purchase [mp3]

Maritime - Human HeartsThree releases in now, it’s become obvious that Maritime is a wholly different beast than the Dismemberment Plan/Promise Ring parts that make it up. By this point, those expecting to hear those bands with this group have either accepted this or moved on — like former bassist Eric Axelson also formerly of Dismemberment Plan, who left after the first album. Of course, now that the past is behind them, I have to bring up The Promise Ring again, just to say that Human Hearts is their first release that rivals the former’s catalogue. The vocal maturation of Davey von Bohlen continues here, to the point where von Bohlen is interjecting a lot of the same charisma he had back in the Cap’n Jazz, only this time with melody at the forefront.

Free AOL Album Stream
Download: “Paraphernalia” [mp3]

More on the radar (and in the mp3 player) this week:
Robbie Robertson – How to Become Clairvoyant
Alela Diane – All You Need Is Now / “To Begin” [mp3]
The Kills – Blood Pressures
The Smithereens – 2011 / Free AOL Album Stream
The Raveonettes – Raven in the Grave / Free AOL Album Stream / “Forget That You’re Young” [mp3]
Glasvegas – Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\
Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy Reconfigured / Free AOL Album Stream
PAUL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Submarines – Love Notes/Letter Bombs / Free AOL Album Stream
Timber Timbre – Creep on Creepin on / Free AOL Album Stream
Ezra Furman & the Harpoons – Mysterious Power
Gretchen Parlato – The Lost and Found
Cold Cave – Cherish the Light Years
Matthew Dear – Slowdance EP
Amores Vigilantes – You Can’t Live Forever In Paradise On Earth (Without Me)
Ha Ha Tonka – Death of a Decade / Free AOL Album Stream
Wolf Ram Heart – Betrayal of Hearts / “Humming Doves” [mp3]

Rush – Moving Pictures
Material Issue – International Pop Overthrow 20th Anniversary Edition
The Residents – Meet the Residents