The Great GoogaMooga FAQ

The Great Googa Mooga (May 18-20)
Googa Mooga

Hey folks, as you might recall, the inaugural Great GoogaMooga will take place this weekend in Prospect Park (May 19-20) and in case you were wondering how to make the most of your festival going experience, the promoters have sent around a list of “things to know” before you go.


**Most importantly, BRING CASH. Our vendors do not accept credit cards. You’ll find ATMs throughout the GoogaMooga grounds, but waiting for people to poke machines might be the worst use of your time at the fest.

Feel free to bring plastic water bottles, picnic blankets and soft backpacks. Please do not bring glass containers, coolers, picnic baskets and boomboxes. See our website for a full list of allowed and forbidden items. And leave your sporks and spifes at home. We’ll provide all the utensils you will (and won’t) need.

Read the rest of the Great GoogaMooga FAQ after the jump.


Get details about your favorite dish. Find your way around the fest. Know what band is playing, and what presentation is going on next. And do it all with the swipe of a finger on your smartphone. We really believe our app will enhance your GoogaMooga experience. At the very least, it’ll give you something to do while digesting. Click to download the GoogaMooga app for free.


GoogaMooga is located at Nethermead Meadow, right in the heart of Brooklyn’s beautiful Prospect Park (see this map for details). You can get here in a hundred different ways, and we recommend all except one: driving your own car. Why? Because the prospect of parking around Prospect Park is slim. A few (much) better options: bus, subway, taxi, bicycles & feet, all of which can easily get you here from anywhere in the five boroughs. Find more detailed directions at our website.


There are two entrances for General admission attendees: Center Drive Entrance and Breeze Hill Entrance. These entrances are easily accessed by entering the park at the following points: 16th St and Prospect Park South West (F, G Train to 15th St stop), 9th St and Prospect Park West (F, G Train to 7th Ave stop). From 9th St and Prospect Park West continue across West Drive through Long Meadow to the Center Drive Entrance. From 16th St. and Prospect Park Southwest continue across West Drive to Center Drive to the Breeze Hill entrance.

Extra Mooga ticket holders can enter at the Extra Mooga Entrance located at Lincoln Road Crossing at Lincoln Road and East Drive accessed at the Lincoln and Ocean Avenue entrance to the park (closest to Q, B, S Train to Prospect Park stop) in addition to both GA entrances. Still confused? Just get to the park, and the fest will find you. We promise.


We know how much you love your bicycle. That’s why we’ve enlisted trained pros to lock up and look after your ride while your peruse the fest. Find The Great GoogaMooga bicycle valet on your way to the Center Hill entrance at the intersection of West Drive and Center Drive. Your rusty steed will be there when you return at the end of the day, and it’ll help you burn off whatever added weight GoogaMooga is sure to help you pack on.