Pre-Order The Avett Brothers New Album, The Carpenter

The Carpenter – The Avett Brothers
The Carpenter - The Avett Brothers

The (long awaited) new Avett Brothers album, The Carpenter, will be available on Sep 11, 2012. You can pre-order it now on CD, digital or double vinyl over here. Those folks who pre-order the new album also get a free instant download of the new single, “Live and Die.”

The Avett’s will be at the Rumsey Playfield at Central Park on Sep 18, 2012. (Tickets to that show are sold out.)

The Carpenter track list and lyric video for “Live and Die” for after the jump.

The Carpenter Tracklist
1. The Once And Future Carpenter
2. Live And Die
3. Winter In My Heart
4. Pretty Girl From Michigan
5. I Never Knew You
6. February Seven
7. Through My Prayers
8. Down With The Shine
9. A Fathers First Spring
10. Geraldine
11. Paul Newman Vs. The Demons
12. Life